Friday, January 17, 2014

Dior Ashley Brown remixes Drake's "Trophies" (Prod. Hit-Boy)

     DC's own Lady Emcee Dior Ashley Brown spits over Drake's new hit "Trophies," produced by Hit Boy. Music video edited and captured by the Mousai House. In the spirit of the new year Dior Ashley Brown wanted to "claim it" with a flow that could energize that promise, with motivating lyrics and images showing her in the midst of music inspiration.

       It is often where we want and hope for the year to meet our expectations, but there are few times where we actually "claim it" or "own it." Allow the universe to know what it is that you want, by making it known. Practice it in your daily life as if it exists now. You have to speak it into  your life, your dreams that is. Know one knows better than you want you want, your desires should be made known, and making them known creates a repetition that goes out like a echo, and therefore it can come back into your life in "echoes." That is the wonder and beauty in the energy we possess. It starts in us.

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  1. Your dreams only come true if you own it! So often people talk a good game but don't deliver. Keep pushing and the result will be positive. I give you major respect for making a female version of this song. Women grind and want to be successful in this music game just like the men. Your verse made me smile and I am awaiting the next verse. Good luck Dee and keep striving to do and be the best you can. Looking forward to more feel good music from you.