Friday, January 31, 2014

Get Inside the Music

photo credit: Shawn Jones

        Get inside the music, not only the beautiful apparatus that is mic, or the sacred space that is the stage, or the words written in your black and white composition book, or even the design. Consider delving into the composition  of the piece and it's many levels. Yes I am still learning my guitar and it seems every time I'm back at square one (I know, I know, practice makes perfect) but  what it reveals to me, sometimes gives me chills. It gets personal. And I believe one should want to get personal with something they passionately enjoy.

Though I have wanted to learn studio production for a time, what brought on this sense of urgency was the frustration I was having at my open mic events I hosted or live performances at different venues, not knowing that with simple sound education it could advance the overall experience, for myself and the listeners, beyond just being audible. It was very much like hearing myself for the first time, and making an enjoyable experience incredible. Advancing your ear for sound, can really challenge your ear for music, and therefore upgrading its sense of quality. 

Learn how to be the director of the process, by learning to respect it, and it's many corridors, the door for creativity opens wider. As I am learning myself. I am learning the many levels of creation, and where my "swag"can affect other devices in the motif. How will you begin your canvass? at the start of it's illustration? How can the beat/instrumental respond to you? How many times can you get into your "zone"? I'm beginning to understand a level of intimacy I have never felt before, in creation. Saying so much I want to say, even before the words. 


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