Sunday, March 30, 2014


Where is the handbook?! The blueprint?! The mathematically genius, that'll show me how to live my life accurately, and profoundly, justly and significantly...I'm sure where ever this book is, it leaves out happenstance, mistakes, confusion, subtractions, seasons, coincidences, regrets, living, because thats seems where half the fun is. I'd abhor a life of clones, constant imitations, auto correct in every aspect of life would kill soul and rythm. And next to food and water, I survive on those things soul and rhythm. The rhythm of life, and the soul of my being. Got Dammit if a two step doesn't help me through the day!

So stop worrying about them. Rules. There are none. And those that inflict them, are unsure, and blocking there own way to freedom, a personal freedom, an eternal, internal self love. But remember, these rules are those rules you put on yourself that keep you from living, from being heard. Not the "Law", those put in place to "maintain order" and "Personal Rights and Liberties." Those "ones", the ones you began implanting in your mind at a young age, telling you cant do it, you'll never do it, and don't believe it. As sure as air, you need to know and love who you are. And in order to know who you are, you have to allow personal freedoms, and walls to fall, something like Berlin.

Yes, I am learning this myself. And the journey is daily. But thank I thank the Spirit, that it is a journey. I am blind, with my hands swimming out before me searching  happening to fall to land. And then their on that land, is everything I need to survive, and I am in the moment of it, even if it is a mirage.

Live now.

Luv, Peace, and Shea Butta...

Dior Ashley Brown

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