Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Turn the lights on.

      Turn off the lights! and light a candle...boom boom boom.., you gotta' to love some old school Teddy Pendergrass, but today I'm asking you to do the opposite.  Destined for greatness. You are. See past your current reality, if it is not of your desire. Challenge your first layer of thinking. Doodle, note take, produce intellectual conversation, reach outside and beyond "the box." Your box. The box that you have constructed, of safety and comfort, that doesn't make for third dimensions. My friend reminded me the other day, " If your comfortable, you need to make a change." How important is that, who thought that some areas of comfortability could be the enemy. Especially when used to diffuse, relinquish, shelve, eliminate, postpone,  your dreams. Now, I'm not saying you have to rush into things. But build on urgency. Have urgency. Learn your self, trust yourself, understand your understanding, and love your ideas. Last Sunday in service the  Priest mentioned, "Sometimes we have to check in, to see if our lives are "a sleep." Don't fall asleep while driving the wheel. Write down your ideas, and respect them, they hold purposes that could change the world. I keep my ideas  as nouns, to keep them alive and present so they live and seek purpose. Take on the will to Live. And live in your language. Let those positive energies circle back to make you a whole being. Which means that for those ideas to come full circle they need to be positive and purposeful. Positive thoughts make for possibilities, negative thoughts not so much. Turn the lights on.

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