Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Beautiful Sacrifice

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Making a sacrifice, doesn't always have to be perceived as painful. This is indeed a journey and a beautiful sacrifice i've chosen to be an artist. I call it a sacrifice because time isn't exactly what it seems, and your not usually living within the "norm." And thats a sacrifice. To do something that makes you happy even if it doesn't fall in line with the M * A * S* H ( mansion, apartment, shack, and house, yeah remember that?) But the outcome, has been such a reward to my spirit.

Working to continuously to rid ourselves of fear is a task of its own. But working that sacrifice shows us just how truly amazing we are, and how beautiful we can be. It gives stamina and will, being able to proceed fearlessly through trials. I'm learning that you have to enjoy your journey, of heartache, happiness, loneliness, joy, fear, prosperity, and clarity. And see the beautiful pain. To truly purge of the things that you do not need, and those "things," aren't always as clear as the physical materials we see and touch daily, and or surface, or superficial. The frustration can hide behind our words, our facial expressions, in our posture, and weigh heavily on our minds. Existing in areas of our bodies that stagnate us, and make frail our flexibility.

But we can build, and free that  clarity once we have understood sacrifice. Sacrifices such as fasting and giving selflessly of things you do not need or your time. Sacrificing archetype ideals, and old ways that wont let us be and see our true selves. Lets redefine sacrifice, with out anxiety: a struggle to be reminded of how we endured, how we succeeded, or how we have triumphed, a character builder, or simply a reminder of our innate strength.

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