Sunday, August 31, 2014

It's About The Work...

My mother often reminds me that “that the work itself can be spiritual,”..I feel that Robin Williams truly enjoyed his work and so conveyed what seem to be a genuine joy for his craft. He found his center of gravity, and reveled in its beauty. He was committed to the work. As a child he made me cry, laugh, believing that, “Everything you can imagine is real," Pablo Picasso.

 When my friend and high school classmate Salim was killed. I remember going to the service and the message given by the Reverend that day, was the importance of fulfilling your “dash mark,” the line between your birth and your death. Salim had touched so many lives, and the Reverend went on to explain that, “He had lived,” with emphasis on "lived." Though young, he fulfilled his "dash mark" by touching people’s lives the way he did, working in service, and in love, sharing with the world his gifts, and more. The Reverend paused many times to ask, “What will you do with your dash mark?” 

So, what will you do? Rhetorically speaking. This life is not any easy one. But, attempt to find your joy, in the work that you do. And if you don't love what you do, believe that you deserve that fulfillment and work towards that internal destiny. Whatever it is. A Youtube, astrologer I watch Jean Wiley, like's to point out that, "This life is an inside job." Maybe your work isn’t exactly what you’d like to be doing now. But maybe its a stepping stone, getting you prepared for the feats ahead, maybe there's a lesson to be learned, or some patience to consider. So when you are committed to the work that you love, you can truly appreciate it, and give the genuineness that I feel Robin Williams did, or that Salim did, creating a seed of change, bringing people together in ways you wouldn't know could bring you joy. Fulfilling your dash mark, until your are called home. Let's go!

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