Saturday, January 17, 2015

A Proud Bitch

Proud, strong, opinionated, fierce, aggressive, assertive, demanding, relentless, adventurous, challenging, describes partially this woman. But, most woman are not encouraged to be empowered and to pronounce those traits as I have done so today without receiving ridicule, and I am not immune to that, even in my social circles. From my perspective, woman are still not entrusted with thinking for themselves or relating to their own innate truths, from being a stay at home mother to single business woman. We are constantly confused with societal semantics, and emotionally, socially undermined. We attempt to find confidence and acceptance as a whole by society, but at the same time are challenged even to be taken seriously within our own gender and male counterparts. It is the media, it is society, it is tradition, it is gender inequality..and so much more. I, included have been affected by that of repression, stifling my mental, creative, and sexual freedoms, and to combat, I build daily on internal empowering resources, to embrace the proud warrior inside, my true self, my culturally historic indigenous self.

My indigenous self? Yes, Society has done a number on us. I use indigenous self, to express the deeper levels of our natural selves as if not affected by the media, and or society. I'll admit it. I was a tall, full young lady growing up, made to feel awkward or of irregular size and build. Taught by societal ills to repress a voice that was full with strength, and to adapt a light and dainty voice, and disregard my frame. I slowly conformed, slowly became unaware of my spine that elongated my frame connecting me to the world around me, cause me to crouch and draw inward, not realizing, that I could have been suppressing my ancestral, and or indigenous being, a key factor of survival. But our natural selves, though feared by the "status quo," are what we have to embrace, what we have to respect, and what we have to empower.

Empowerment, is what I strongly encourage, and to get specific, I find empowerment in embracing the word "Bitch," in the words of Redman, "I Be Dat.." I will tell you why, I had a conversation with a fellow associate, of female gender, who explained to me, "There is a way to be assertive as a woman without coming off as a Bitch." I in turn explained, "Why would a women's assertion come off as being a bitch?" I find that when a woman uses her logic in delegating duties, or simply just wants to, "get the job done," she is then called outside of her name, by both genders. Mostly due to, her willingness to be less sentimental in the community, and or workforce environment in order to be proficient, and or working towards a "bigger picture." Though it is expressed as a lowly word to describe a woman. It seems to me a that the word "bitch" depending on the circumstance, is a word most feared, and so it is whispered and or shouted out in anger. Feared because the individuals who use it towards a woman, and or the woman who is called such, does not yet understand its power. I find from most of my experiences the person issuing this word is vulnerable and or confused about the direct assertion they received from the female gender, and uses this word when they are not able to clearly establish their feelings in a particular situation, it reminds me of a feeling another word that comes to mind, that rhymes with "trigger," but thats another conversation, for a future blog entry.

So I embrace the noun, that is "Bitch." And any other name for that matter, to quote Shakespeare's Juliet," What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet." Below, I have linked, one of my most proudest verses to date, "Thug Passion Remix." This verse, recorded on top of the Go-Go version of Tupac Shakur's original song "Thug Passion," played by DC's Own Back Yard Band is about a Thug's passion for success in his grind, continuing to explain that how the life he has chosen can't be wrong in that it supplies a surplus of his wants and needs, though he could face jealously and other perils within his community. But, my choice to display my perspective was to exemplify fearlessness of a woman embracing her aggression, assertion, and sexuality, using a historical hip hop song that was made synonymous with sex, though having a conscious underlying meaning demonstrate my awareness of a male dominated industry that is Hip-Hop/ Rap, and showing an antithesis of aggressiveness as if its a social norm of women, as well as expressing my opinion of oppressive societal ills.

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