Sunday, March 1, 2015


The environment for me currently has been "Sankofic"..I didn't ask for it.. well..maybe my soul did. It seems that the Ancestors want me to know something, how timely is it, that it is the season of Lent. Though I have subtracted some things like not so healthy habits in the Lent season that I feel are possible distraction to my spiritual, I am receiving largely some additives to it, which make  necessary for me to draw back into the past in order to move forward. And that defines the beautiful "Sankofa." Sankofa is a word in the Akan Language of Ghana that translates as "reach back and go get it." I feel at this time in  my life  that the Ancestors, those who lived before us, are reaching supernaturally to my spirit and asking me to go back and get the knowledge to move forward. I feel this way because, in following my aspirations, I am running parallel with information from the past that gives me what I need to move forward. "You can take me from my home, but you can't take home out of me." I am an native born African American, who knows that I have origins in many other places outside of the United States as well as in it, but I am of one of many who are putting together the pieces. And to be honest I not as upset as my first understanding of its ambiguousness, but I more so enjoy the journey to it, it leaves room for imagination , soul searching,  and realization that deep within my spirit is my  birth rite.
It's getting as real as watching "Dolemite." I'm seeing how the Media’s Blaxploitation films really influenced the perspective of People of Color in American Society.  Creating "Sambic" (Sambo) caricatures for centuries to remove a culture commercially away from understanding their indigenous, in essence find their way home mentally and physically. Though I enjoy the Blaxploitation films, because of their history,  platform opportunity for Black Actors, the soul, funk and rock music that plays the backdrop, and my ability to see strength in power in the roles played by the black figures no matter how superficial they were made to seem. I lay criticism on the boundaries made to box and make categorical persons of the African descent, making us one dimensional.  Through my  research, I am finding a both negative repetition, and some positive aspects.
But let truth tell it. To avoid the unnecessary duplication the "times" that were, or are the most oppressing, or systematically repetitive in brainwashing us into forced stalk characters.  I recommend hurdling backwards in time to understand the root of the evil or truth. That goes for us all, all cultures. Not for the purpose of  getting angry, or despise each other. Because the "past is just it , the past." But it keeps us from repeating the pain, the shame, and the ignorance. Finding beauty in who we are, and therefore appreciating our connectivity, and how we are all apart of 
what is needed for our survival, and or existence on earth. 

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