Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Back To School

It's been a busy summer, and I won't lie, ya'll can have that heat, I only want it at the beach!

I love the fall season, "back to school," I appreciate it more than ever now as it is a figurative and literal constant in my life. We have to keep reminding ourselves of this "Life" long lesson, of it's mistakes, of it's circumstances, of it's trials, and of it's beauty.  We are constantly learning, unlearning, and sometimes relearning.

It is a great time to be in the "Information Age," though as we receive the lightening speed knowledge we have to be-careful of  babies knowing how to twerk by the time their two (head in hands). There is something to appreciate in the phrase, "Just Google it, " with this we have connectivity and awareness. But, how do we appreciate?  When theres... repeated Youtube videos of young black men shot in the streets of America before they can lift their hands,  access to nudity without asking for it, Kim K gets married (pause) again, and your smart but dumb phone is lighting up as we speak. Though these things exists, the positive is that also speedily we know what is happening to our friends and family, politics, popular culture and we are asking questions, and for those questions platforms exist in which to be heard, and or made aware.

"Good Art raises questions," and so does the truth. We are becoming an Aquarian Culture, The Age of Aquarius. We are well beyond our years, and spiritually intellectual and or conscious. Though the truth can hurt, it can help. But with connectivity and awareness. We can break barriers with our POP- History and see less linear and more abstract in our day to day lives. We can change how we know work, school, and life to be.  

I challenge you to think of your self in this progressive culture, and how you yourself  are aware and connect to it. Are you allowing for change? Have challenged the norm? Are you asking questions?
Watch "Vaude After Show" 

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