Wednesday, December 7, 2016


This past week, members of the creative community got together and created a video message to Donald Trump "Dear Mr. Trump."

Many of us have been wrapping our heads around the future impact to the creative community of this new administration.  So far, he has demonstrated via his platform (twitter), that he has no problem in trying to discredit and/or devaluing art he doesn't agree with.  This is a very dangerous thing, because if those who come to DC to work within his administration (and their staffs) follow this mandate, you'll find pressure for artists to "censor" their art, and that is unacceptable.  

From education to healthcare, members of the creative economy are deeply concerned with what is to come.  The video below is simply a message to the President-Elect as to what we expect from him as a temporary guest in our city.

Some of us gathered to form "REformanceArt," artists who "Perform to Reform," a goal to not only entertain, but to empower our audiences along with each other.  We're looking to organize as a PAC, taking the creativity we put on stage into the strategy rooms of campaigns nationwide.

This Friday 12/9, we will have our official launch, along side the formalization of the Capitol Hill Jazz Jam & DC Jazz Lobby.  The event will take place from 6pm - 9pmat 21 Gessford Court S.E. at the home of David Weiner.  We will also solidify our planning committee for the Artist Led "Peace & Power" March we want to have January 16th.

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