Friday, March 3, 2017

DC Music Download presents the "Sound of the Citys Festival- D.C. Music Industry Night (Panel Discussion)"

Photo Credit: @PHZ_Sicks
DC Music Download presents the "Sound of the Citys Festival- D.C. Music Industry Night (Panel Discussion)" 

So.. I have been flying into these exciting and information rich panels, which leave much room to expound on the current state of the local DC Music Industry. And I have been learning that if artists or art administrators want to see a creative change in our local industry, your involvement is necessary.

These panels include artists, creative spaces, press and more, who are looking to build and expand the Capital's art-scene. Some folks who are transient come from other cities where music is embraced differently and share and or create communities in D.C. based on that knowledge, so I find myself constantly learning the of innovative and constant opportunities that can be created even through music alone, ways we all can thrive.

I will admit sometimes the truth it not an easy pill to swallow, and all of the information/resources sometimes don't specifically welcome some of my many communities.  But the truth being heard and diversity in the spaces are necessary, DC Natives do exist, and need to also make our presence known. I want to see creative/vocal individuals speaking about the lack of outreach to the amazing wealth of resources, and "icy doors" that say "we're open," but aren't really. Such as particular genres of local music not being allowed in certain spaces. Folks have to come out and speak for that cause and others, so these places, spaces, resources we need may be built and or considered. This is OUR CITY, let em' know we're here.

It's Ya Girl,

Dior Ashley Brown

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