Saturday, April 28, 2018

My Rhymin' is My Vessel...

“My Rhyming is my Vessel / between my paper and my pencil/ the coincidental sends messages to your mental/ far from being gentle/ I decrease the quantity/ bring in the quality/ and lay down facts of equality/ My rhyming is my Vessel...” 

My rhyming is my vessel… is the tool in which I am used to receive messages, from the divine to carry out my purpose.

Between my paper and my pencil… are the  tools in which I use to create,  it's how I’ve gotten away, went deeper inside, was honest with myself about who I am, what was wrong, what was right, Where I embraced my divine feminine and masculine, my sexuality, my conflicts, my frustrations, my ethnicity, my purpose, my joy, my disdain, my sorrow, my confusion, my complexion, my truth.

Sending messages to your mental…We are supernatural beings having a spiritual experience,  it’s something to embrace. That we could receive channeled messages pushing us more towards our dreams, goals, desires, life purpose...

Far from being gentle…Seeing ourselves as the super beings, waiting less for death and in more in a rush for life.  A life enjoyed on our terms, vast and expand, tapping into the opposite, awkward, unusual, unlike, different, to see how much our superpowers can be revealed, showing us more of who we are or who we can be. 

Decrease the quantity/bring in the quality… lettin' go of the bull shit.  Bringing more things of quality, that serve us. 

And lay down facts of equality… we all can access it. 

With Luv - 
                    dAb a Vessel 

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