Tuesday, July 24, 2018

WITHDRAWN! EMERGENCY BILL 22-0839 Amplified Noise Amendment Act of 2018

Kenny Sway and Dior Ashley Brown
Photo Credit: @OneLoveMassive

Our DMV creative community showed up in a big way, coming together in solidarity at lightening speed, making clear  how the intentions of Bill B22-0839-Proposed Amplified Noise Amendment Act of 2018 without being properly informed, and coming to compromise could be detrimental to our community ! 

Quote from @OneLoveMassive...

"DC Council’s July 10th Vote Decides Bill 22-0839 Amplified Noise Amendment Act of 2018 (WASHINGTON, D.C.) Following recent pressure from new wealthy downtown residents and business owners, the emergency legislation of Bill 22-0839 Amplified Noise Amendment Act of 2018 has been pushed up from its original date of July 16, 2018 to Tuesday July 10, 2018.The Amplified Noise Amendment Act of 2018 seeks to provide suburban amenities in urban settings by further criminalizing youth and street musicians with standards that are subjective and not verifiable, resulting in more negative police encounters. The music community maintains that amplification has not increased in this city, but rather the number of new residents that have invaded the city and have resulted in more "noise" complaints."

Consider the input of DC Creatives! WE contribute to the city's economic growth and evolving aesthetic, we vote in local elections, pay rents, and are also taxed without representation! DC should become an example city for creative growth and sustainability by truly valuing its Artists.

The actions of Bill B22-0839 created dissension and showed a great disconnect in communication with the creative community, this is detrimental in our city’s progress forward. Creatives are also the future of this city and are often commissioned to contribute greatly to its vibrancy; we effortlessly thread its rich history and culture into our artful manifestations, and our thoughts should be considered.

Easing in a Vote, a Bill, without reaching out to the community to which it directly affects is a recipe for disaster. This is possibly, why there are rumored suits against the city, impart because of the gentrifying is not inclusive of the Native residents. Will DC continue to ignore and quite the voices of its Natives and Creatives?

Yes we all want change, but in its process we should continue to be democratic and considering its diversity from all backgrounds and economic stasis involving all in forum. Artists are not noise makers and we do not wish to be simply “loud,” we want to equalize with our neighbors and businesses as we too work and reside here. A compromise is just. Respect the voices of the Creative community, they are amplified and exist. Groups such as WPFW, We Act Radio, Listen Local First, One Love Massive, Big Ugly Truck, and the DC Music Summit are platforms well integrated in the creative communities where many creatives congregate and where sharing information such as implementing important bills and concerns could be resourceful in spreading the word.

Let’s make a conscious effort to:

Not Criminalize Artists
Not increase economic disparity with larger fines
Consider sound proofing new residencies
Find better ways to communicate with effort, communities to which these bills immediately affect

Artist Live and Work Here Too!






Always with Passion, 

Dior Ashley Brown – Emcee. Actor. Poet. Host.Activist. 

Founder of The DC Music Summit – a day long summit that supports creatives entrepreneurs, and more specifically musicians on how to professionalize their businesses in the ever evolving economy and having their business taken seriously.

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