Saturday, August 17, 2019


photo credit: Nicky Chinito

Another one. DAB FAM meet IZA FLO, an all-women supergroup of area musicians! So glad to be Rockin with these chicas! The collaboration has been seamless, and I invite you to enjoy our an eclectic mix of sounds. Check out our newest video below "Free Fallin." 


video credit: Ivystone Records

Iza Flo is a supergroup of DMV artists blending funk/disco and hip-hop to make you dance. While dynamic rhythms are at the forefront of Iza Flo, held down by bandleader and drummer Isabelle De Leon, and percussionist Rikayyah Wilson, its unique fusion of sounds results from the funky low-end lines by bassist Tiffany Lloyd, heavy Rock shreds by guitarist Alena Budd, and nostalgic synth sounds by Natalie Ahearn. Top it off with the angelic voice of Jillian Willis and soulful spitfire by Dior Ashley Brown, and you get a performance that is emotional and energetic at the same time. Though newly formed, Iza Flo has already made its mark in the DMV with appearances on WUSA9 TV and at the Apple Carnegie Library block party hosted by No Kings Collective. Stay tuned to catch Iza Flo at a dance floor near you!


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