Tuesday, July 3, 2018


(in photos above from left to right Swipey, Tupac, Biggie Smalls, XXXtentacion) 

They’ll say they lived by the gun, died by the gun…

I’ll say they lived in their truth, battling the societal demons forcing us to be divided within ourselves for means of survival.

These young artists went too soon, leaving us with soul piercing stories of hate, truth, and love. Leaving a tremendous impact on us all.

I have been saddened again by the rapper XXXtentacion, and others early departure from us. I am inspired to write this, because though I was not aware of the Emcee’s music and story prior to his death, how he left us, how he sensed it coming, and his efforts prior to change his direction and the mentality of his fan base, has touched me deeply. Realizing again the delicateness of life, the reality of our world where "cash is king," and how God uses people to send a message that will resound to all willing to hear.

X, was battling his demons and working to evolve. He came to revelations about his blessings and wanted to share his new found love with the world. He came, from a very challenged childhood, and like many of us still managed to smile through his struggles. He allowed himself to be so vulnerable, and thus touched so many young people with his life stories.
Tupac and Biggie’s deaths were a part of my childhood, I identify with these kids. Seeing your heroes die so young, can cause so much emotional confusion and turmoil.

We’ve lost many, too soon, to date, to gun violence. It has to stop. We have to pay attention.

Unfortunately, I am not a stranger to losing friends growing up, some who felt like family died to the hand of a gun, untimely deaths with a promise of tomorrow.

My friend Salim, an incredible DC visual artist, was a victim of mistaken identity. He called me the day prior to his death, told me how he finally, got a new position teaching and was going to start work Monday. He was so happy, and I was so proud of him. It was unreal when I received the news that he was killed, because some boys in the neighborhood, mistook him for someone they were "beefin'" with. They shot and killed Salim.

How do we change this narrative?

We put down the weapons...

Accept the beauties of our vulnerability and humanity. Give back to ourselves, leading with love, giving ourselves a chance to stand tall in who we are. And not allow commercial sways to take us to our lowest selves and actions.

We ask questions, think outside the norm, and challenge what we are fed by the media daily.

We are open to creativity and individuality that helps us become our better selves.

We seek help and surround ourselves with love.

We allow for diversity and freedoms and fight for equality for us all.

Make sure to live in your purpose and follow your dreams.

                                     With Luv - 

                                                                 dAb a Vessel 

In Memory of Salim Hylton April 1982- August 2009 

Saturday, April 28, 2018

My Rhymin' is My Vessel...

“My Rhyming is my Vessel / between my paper and my pencil/ the coincidental sends messages to your mental/ far from being gentle/ I decrease the quantity/ bring in the quality/ and lay down facts of equality/ My rhyming is my Vessel...” 

My rhyming is my vessel… is the tool in which I am used to receive messages, from the divine to carry out my purpose.

Between my paper and my pencil… are the  tools in which I use to create,  it's how I’ve gotten away, went deeper inside, was honest with myself about who I am, what was wrong, what was right, Where I embraced my divine feminine and masculine, my sexuality, my conflicts, my frustrations, my ethnicity, my purpose, my joy, my disdain, my sorrow, my confusion, my complexion, my truth.

Sending messages to your mental…We are supernatural beings having a spiritual experience,  it’s something to embrace. That we could receive channeled messages pushing us more towards our dreams, goals, desires, life purpose...

Far from being gentle…Seeing ourselves as the super beings, waiting less for death and in more in a rush for life.  A life enjoyed on our terms, vast and expand, tapping into the opposite, awkward, unusual, unlike, different, to see how much our superpowers can be revealed, showing us more of who we are or who we can be. 

Decrease the quantity/bring in the quality… lettin' go of the bull shit.  Bringing more things of quality, that serve us. 

And lay down facts of equality… we all can access it. 

With Luv - 
                    dAb a Vessel 

Friday, February 2, 2018

Dior Ashley Brown Presents...My Vessel

My Vessel (A Hip Hop Musical Stage Play), directed by Jared Shamberger is a dynamic performance that combines Dior Ashley Brown’s one-woman play with music by a live band. Dior discusses her life in D.C., coming into womanhood, creating theatrical work, and her evolution as a female emcee. My Vessel delves into women’s issues by focusing on Dior’s experiences with repression and success in her immediate community and the wider community of Hip Hop culture.

Friday, January 12, 2018



Dior Ashley Brown  - Vernacular (RED) available now!
Stream/Download: http://soundcloud.com/diorashleybrown

Production: FBF Productions
Video Creator/Edit: Skies The Limit Entertainment

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Friday, October 20, 2017

Get Your Tickets Now For... Dior Ashley Brown Presents...

Photo Credit: @DominicGreen


Dior Ashley Brown presents is a multi-layered performance of her own written theatrical work and hip-hop music. She will honor women, by exploring the repression and succession of women in her culture and that of Hip Hop.

This is a PAY-WHAT-YOU-WISH event. Please make your payment through the donation option when you register. We recommend you pay $15 per person. Cash or check payments welcome at the door.

Friday, March 3, 2017

DC Music Download presents the "Sound of the Citys Festival- D.C. Music Industry Night (Panel Discussion)"

Photo Credit: @PHZ_Sicks
DC Music Download presents the "Sound of the Citys Festival- D.C. Music Industry Night (Panel Discussion)" 

So.. I have been flying into these exciting and information rich panels, which leave much room to expound on the current state of the local DC Music Industry. And I have been learning that if artists or art administrators want to see a creative change in our local industry, your involvement is necessary.

These panels include artists, creative spaces, press and more, who are looking to build and expand the Capital's art-scene. Some folks who are transient come from other cities where music is embraced differently and share and or create communities in D.C. based on that knowledge, so I find myself constantly learning the of innovative and constant opportunities that can be created even through music alone, ways we all can thrive.

I will admit sometimes the truth it not an easy pill to swallow, and all of the information/resources sometimes don't specifically welcome some of my many communities.  But the truth being heard and diversity in the spaces are necessary, DC Natives do exist, and need to also make our presence known. I want to see creative/vocal individuals speaking about the lack of outreach to the amazing wealth of resources, and "icy doors" that say "we're open," but aren't really. Such as particular genres of local music not being allowed in certain spaces. Folks have to come out and speak for that cause and others, so these places, spaces, resources we need may be built and or considered. This is OUR CITY, let em' know we're here.

It's Ya Girl,

Dior Ashley Brown

Learn more about the Festival here: http://dcmusicdownload.com/sounds-of-the-city-festival/